OphthalSuite is a solution that allows Ophthalmologists
to quickly and conveniently access all exams performed
in all diagnosis devices


Medical exam data is spread across several devices, and there is no easy way to access all exams within an unique application.
Clinicians have to handle printed exam results or to waste time going to the equipment. Resources are also wasted with physical archive and related logistics.


OphthalSuite is an integration platform for Ophthalmology that connects all devices to a centralized database, regardless of the manufacturer.
It connects to the existing medical records management system of the hospital and it is compatible with several devices and exam types, such as Retinography, Angiography, among others.


Clinicians can access exam results in real time, navigate easily through the patient exams, view all images with full quality, access all acquired numerical values and view graphical evolution of numeric values.
They can also compare exams taken in different periods, side by side or in mosaic, and thus assess patient evolution.



OphthalSuite organizes the performed exams chronologically for each patient on the several Ophthalmology appointments. It allows reviewing all the diagnostic exams in real time, in the appointment room, regardless the equipment where it was performed.

Several exams can be reviewed simultaneously in mosaic or side by side views.

It includes a Business Intelligence Module that facilitates accessing and handling numerical data that is acquired from each piece of equipment, facilitating customized queries and clinical research.

OphthalSuite imageCore - Exams List Preview

Image Reviewing Module – imageCore

The imageCore Module allows clinicians to quickly access all clinical exams information, navigate in the patient exams, view images, videos, numerical results.


  • Side by side exams comparison and images mosaic;
  • Full resolution images;
  • Otimized OCTs visualization tools (contextual view, raster view, colour inversion, scale);
  • Custom report creation;
  • Exam filtering though eye, date, exam type or session;
  • Image tools: zoom, histogram, colour map, brightness and contrast adjustment;
  • Patient exams export, in DICOM or image format (e.g.: for burning CD/DVD media);

OphthalSuite Benefits

Time Saving

  • Exams are available for reviewing in real time, right after they are performed;
  • Clinicians do not need to go to the equipment to find and consult exams;
  • Increased productivity due to the faster data reviewing process;
  • Searching for an exam in patient history is faster.

Costs Saving

  • No need to purchase per-computer remote reviewing licenses for each distinct brand of machine;
  • Exams are digitally available, with no need to be printed;
  • The maintenance of exam paper files is not required, generating large savings in terms of logistics and manpower.

Legacy Data Import

  • Import of existing exams and metadata when OphthalSuite is installed;
  • Patient history exams are all available, even the older ones, performed before installing OphthalSuite;

Improved Clinical Quality

  • Increase of available exam data (images, videos, metadata, reports);
  • Available information with more quality (e.g. full resolution images);
  • All exams are available, even those performed before installing OphthalSuite;
  • The clinical decision is based on more and better information, decreasing the error probability and increasing both clinician and patient safety.

Business Intelligence Support

  • Allows the analysis of all system data, including exam results;
  • Productivity and quality monitoring (e.g.: monthly production of exams per technician or equipment);
  • Analysis of exam results (e.g.: average intraocular pressure of all patients by age).

Data Security

  • User authentication with strong password encryption;
  • Distinct types of users have distinct access levels;
  • Built-in traceability of all changes to data in OphthalSuite;
  • HTTPS for secure server-client communication.


  • Autonomous recovery from network faults, without losing information during the downtime;
  • Integrated backup system.

Reduction of Error Risk

  • Reminders for unseen exams, ensuring that all contents are reviewed;
  • Patients synchronization with EMR reduces the probability of erroneous data association;
  • Warnings when patient demographics on equipment do not match with central database data;
  • Easier detection and correction of database non-conformities (e.g.: duplicated or missing data);

OphthalSuite in Numbers

Integrated Devices
Health Units

OphthalSuite Demonstration Video

Supported Manufacturers

Case Studies

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust

County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust is one of the largest integrated care providers in England, serving a population of around 600,000 people. Their ophthalmology department provides a wide range of in-patient and outpatient treatment for eye conditions, emergency treatment and elective surgery across three sites.

Services We Provide

Data Extraction

Images are not the only relevant output for Ophthalmic exams, but most devices don't make it an easy task to retrieve the relevant numeric data. We have developed a large array of tools that allow us to retrieve and extract to spreadsheets:

  • ETDRS thickness values for existing reports generated by several brands and models of OCTs
  • Point sensitivity and point comparison to normative database for Visual Fields
  • Others

Data Conversion

Some devices (e.g. OCTs) do not have streamlined and automated ways of exporting data acquired (B-Scans) as full quality images to organized folders.

Our software tools allow to automate the organized export of full quality images and metadata, which is especially relevant for image processing research.

Quality Assurance

Patient demographics on each capture devices do not always perfectly match to patient demographics on the Hospital main Database. This can be due to human error while inserting data, but also caused by the natural patient information lifecycle, where the Hospital might change rules for patient IDs, patients will marry and change their surname, etc.

We have the ability to extract all demographics from several devices, match them against extracts of the main Hospital database, and highlight data quality issues that may be clinical risks.

Our Customers


Mr. Paul Thurland

Head of Service, Surgery and Diagnostics
CDDFT - County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust
Quote Ophthalmology staff are able to concentrate on patient care, rather than worrying about missing information. Quote

Prof. Dr. J. Salgado-Borges

Ophthalmologist and Medical Director at Clinsborges
Quote For over 10 years we wanted to integrate all data from the 12 networked diagnosis devices we have in our clinic (5 different manufacturers). BlueWorks managed to meet our goals, thanks to their knowledge and comprehensive delivery, and today all the imaging information is integrated with the EMR software we acquired back in 1998. Quote

Mr. Saju Thomas

Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon
CDDFT - County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust
Quote The solution is one of the best investments the ophthalmology department has ever made. Quote

About Us


BlueWorks - Ophthalmic Imaging Management Solutions is a technological company founded in 2007, that has been developing innovative systems to support Ophthalmology.


Optimize access to Ophthalmology exams. Empower Ophthalmology health professionals by supporting access to distinct test types via a single application, with advanced interaction with such exams, regardless the manufacturer and equipment model.


We want to be a worldwide reference to Ophthalmology health professionals, in clinical practice, research, clinical trials, others. By providing systems not constrained to specific manufacturers or equipment models, able to comprehensively support clinical activity and exam data collection, organization and access, we’re creating the basis to the automatic medical diagnosis systems of the future.


ISO 9001


Medisoft is a company founded in 1997 that has created an award winning EMR that supports every aspect of ophthalmic assessment and treatment. It is used in over 150 Hospitals around the world by over 5000 Health Professionals.

OphthalSuite is compatible with Medisoft Ophthalmology and Medisight.

Medisoft Microsoft Partner Network



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Armanda Santos

Database Architect, Software Engineer

Carla Pereira

Quality Manager, Software Engineer

Fábio Antunes

Software Engineer

Jorge Costa

Software Engineer

Paulo Barbeiro

CEO, Product Manager, Business Development

Tiago Marçal

Data Analyst

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